Lou Rivera, Fusion Fest 2015 @ the B&O Station

Fusion Fest 2015

Hey everybody! We have an upcoming show with Lou Rivera Band at the B&O Station Banquet Hall in Downtown Youngstown, Ohio. The date of the event is July 24th and we go on at 4PM. Fusion Fest is a 1 Day, 2 Stage event featuring Youngstown’s top bands and DJ’s. Headliners include Broccoli Samurai, DJ View, and The Bees Trees!

Other performances during Fusion Fest will include AKA with Mitch Lawrence, Calladore VS. p00g, DRGOO, Dick Nasty, Megantic Omega, D. Diamond, Songbird Lumberjack, Demos Papadimas, Zach Tomasko & Liam Jones and Spirit of the Bear. All genres of music will be fused together with 7 bands and 7 DJ’s playing on 2 stages! Food Trucks and other vendors will also be operating stands throughout the event, while artists showcase their creations in the Art Row. This is going to be a great event so don’t miss out on it! Tickets are only $10, so come out and support your local talent and have a great time!

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Fifth & Aurora Fusion Fest 2015