Fifth & Aurora @ Fusion Fest 2017

Fifth & Aurora @ Fusion Fest 2017

Fusion Fest is back! We will be fusing together arts of all kinds Friday, September 22nd at The B&O Station in Youngstown, Ohio for the 3rd annual FUSION FEST! This is a 2 stage event filled with a variety of music ranging from jam bands to dubstep and more. Comedian Dominic Leonelli will be hosting Fusion Fest alongside state-of-the-art sound and lighting. They are still accepting applications for live painters, vendors and food trucks. Spots are filling up fast so apply today!


smith. (Columbia, MO)

The Bees Trees (Youngstown, OH)


Red Rose Panic (Akron, OH)

The Cat’s Meow (Cleveland, OH)


AkAfunk (Youngstown, OH)

Calladore (Youngstown, OH)

Tiko (Pittsburgh, PA)

DICEY (Pittsburgh, PA)

Dynamo Love (Kent, OH)

Fifth & Aurora (Youngstown, OH)

Iamusick (Pittsbrugh, PA)

Justin Moyar (Erie, PA)

Malibu Page (Youngstown, OH)

Meenz (Youngstown, OH)

The Manor and Friends (Morgantown, WV)

Mr. Yukk (Pittsburgh, PA)

Scat (Youngstown, OH)

Stationary Pebbles (Evans City, PA)

Stormy Chromer (Ypsilanti, MI)

Swamp Whomp (Younstown, OH)

Wurm (Pittsburgh, PA)>

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Fifth & Aurora Fusion Fest 2017